Our investment is carried out in 5 steps:

Our investment process

- Sourcing & Pré-sélection: Through the different sourcing channels, we receive funding requests with the so-famous Business Plan from the entrepreneurs. We run a first filtering based on specific critera (such as the capacity and experience of the management team, the strategy and risk analysis ..). Do you want to submit your Project?
If your firm has the potential to fit with our investment preferences, you are invited to a pitch session (regularly held) to defend your project in front of our board of investors. After this meeting, we will determine whether or not to move forward to the next stage of the process. Timeline: 1 – 2 months.

- Negotiation: This phase will vary depending upon the nature of your business proposal. The process may last from three weeks to three months, and you should expect multiple phone calls, emails, management interviews, customer references, product and business strategy evaluations and other such exchanges of information during this time period. Timeline: 3 months approx.

- Closing: If the previous phase also called Due Diligence is satisfactory, we will offer you a term sheet. This is a non-binding document that spells out the basic terms and conditions of the investment agreement. The term sheet is generally negotiable and must be agreed upon by all parties, after which you should expect a wait of roughly three to four weeks for completion of legal documents and legal due diligence before funds are made available. Timeline: 1 – 2 months.

- Follow-up: A team is appointed to follow-up the deal actively, either taking a role on the board or actively supporting the business. This team makes the link between the investment corporation and the investors in order to provide them our assistance, knowledge and expertise. The terms and conditions of the follow-up can be negotiated, not the principle. Timeline: Max 5-7 years.

- Exit: The exit strategy is the way of cashing out on our investment in a portfolio company. The exit strategy is agreed during the negotiation phase and signed in legal agreements between PIC and the investee company shareholders before the investment. Different options are offered (selling the shares to the Entrepreneurs or to other new or existing shareholders, reimbursing the capital invested plus interests, …)