We envision an African Diaspora as a major partner to the development of Africa.

And we as “Panafrican Investment Corporation” being the reference for the investment of such Diaspora.

Our values

- Commitment: Take our responsibilities to meet our commitment is a fundamental value which anchors our decisions and actions in reality and pragmatism. This is all about the credibility and the survival of our corporation.

- Professionalism: Motivated by a constant need to offer a quality based service to our stakeholders, it’s reflected through the listening, the thoroughness and the integrity we bring to the entrepreneurs, the investors, and all our stakeholders that we consider as business partners.
- Team work: Because the collective welfare still trumps self-interest, we strongly encourage all members to respect each other, to share knowledge and experience, to valuate diversities that enrich the group.
- African Identity: Enlighten, relay, contribute to the promotion of positive images about Africa are all fundamental principles that drive our daily guideline for decision making process and field actions.